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1 click lock button i.e. no password required to lock file/folder but password required to unlock/open that file of file/folder.

Lock a file/folder with just 1 click(Right Click > Lock) i.e. no password required to lock that file/folder(automatically uses main password) and no need to open the whole "Protected Folder" interface, just open a notification dialogue box that file/folder is lock and to ask if user want to hide that file/folder or not . And if user hide he/she can unlock through "Protected Folder" interface. And if user didn't hide then user can unlock that file/folder(Right Click > Unlock) and only a dialogue appear just to ask password and after entering the correct password file/folder will be Unlocked and dialogue will disappear and user can use that file/folder.

Ravit Kumar , 26.07.2012, 06:43
Idea status: under consideration


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